Here are the webicorders from the geophones that I own. There might be noise on the webicorders as wind and human traffic is close to them. This can happen at random times and without warning. Most earthquakes that I record are also documented by Icelandic Met Office website. If an event appears on my geophone the location and magnitude of it can be found at Icelandic Met Office website in most cases. I only record  24 hours worth of data on the images shown here.

About the geophones

This is 4.5Hz geophone and is from
Mark Products. This geophone has three axis. It has a East, West, North, South, Z (vertical) axis. Here are info about this type of geophone. Here are technical info about this geophone, how sensitive it is and what frequencies it detects. Geophones are from Redwood City Public Seismic Network. It is no longer possible to buy this geophones and this hardware is now EOL (End of Life). I plan to buy VolksMeter seismometer in the future since using Raspberry Shake does not fit into my plans. I might run few Raspberry Shake sensors along with my new seismometer network once it goes online. I don't know when that is going to happen.

If you want to monitor earthquakes or volcano activity if you are close to an active volcano. The best way to do so is to buy Raspberry Shake seismometers here. It is also possible to buy VolksMeter seismometer, that set-up requires more hardware and installation than Raspberry Shake seismometer.


To contact me please send email at volcano [at] icelandgeology.net with questions.

Website about earthquakes and volcanoes in Iceland

Iceland geology

Other seismometer monitoring networks

Icelandic Met Office drumplots (Icelandic only)

Web sites about earthquakes around the world

The Icelandic Meteorological Office


Explanation of the tremor plot

Green line = no data recorded / coming in
Black line = normal data recorded
Red line = local earthquake recorded. Noise sometimes creates red spikes.
Orange line = Telesismic event has been detected.

Hvammstangi, Iceland
WinSDR webicorder.
Stops after January 2022 (exact time uncertain).

Vertical channel (Z). Updated every 5 min.
This webicorder can be extremely noisy. 

Bov, Padborg, Denmark
WinSDR webicorder.
Starts after January 2022 (exact time uncertain).

Vertical channel (Z). Updated every 5 min.
Train and car noise between 04:00 to 23:00 CET/CEST.