Here are the webicorders from the geophones that I own and run. It is not possible to see locations with this webicorders. Too see those, checking the Icelandic Met Office website is required. Number of geophones that I have running is different between years, since it is not always possible for me to keep geophones running at all locations. In the year 2022 I did not have any geophone running in Iceland. The geophones show a lot of huma related activity, car traffic and other human related noise that it records.

About the geophones

This is 4.5Hz seismometer. Making it good to record local earthquake activity. Large earthquakes, with magnitude larger than Mw7,0 are recorded on this type of seismometer. I
might run few Raspberry Shake sensors in the future. When that is going to happen I don't know yet.

If you want to monitor earthquakes or volcano activity if you are close to an active volcano. The best way to do so is to buy Raspberry Shake seismometers here.


To contact me please send email at volcano [at] icelandgeology.net with questions.

Website about earthquakes and volcanoes in Iceland

Iceland geology

Other seismometer monitoring networks

Icelandic Met Office drumplots (Icelandic only)

Web sites about earthquakes around the world

The Icelandic Meteorological Office


Explanation of the tremor plot

Green line = no data recorded / coming in
Black line = normal data recorded
Red line = local earthquake recorded. Noise sometimes creates red spikes.
Orange line = Telesismic event has been detected.

Hvammstangi, Iceland


Vertical channel (Z). Updated every 5 min.
There can be a lot of noise on this station from human sources, machines and other things.